Our journey

We launched The Happy Hour Community in April 2020 just as most of the world went into a global lockdown due to the Coronavirus Epidemic. Our goal was to bring accessible personal development, coaching and support to women across the globe.

At the very beginning we hosted daily (Monday to Friday) Zoom calls, creating a space for women to come together and receive free coaching on a variety of subjects from Goal Setting to Emotional Healing and everything in between.

Since then the community has grown and we now have members from almost every continent joining us  to listen, share and grow! In 2021 we will be collaborating with another female founded platform, Her GatHERing.

Her GatHERing was founded by Sacha Clark to create a space for women to be themselves. A space without the sales pitches or the pressure of networking. Her GatHERing are on and off line events designed to spark inspiration and connection. It is space to be you, rather than that thing you do.

Together we look to create a truly unique coaching experience for women worldwide. Our Masterclasses are 100% free so that we remain accessible to every woman.

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