Coaching Pods


Want a deeper dive into the coaching topic of the Quarter?


Join our quarterly small group Coaching Pod hosted by a variety of experts and coaches.


PRICE:    £50 (or local currency equivalent) 

HOST:    Lavinia Milner-Gray


  • Fortnightly Zoom Calls

  • Online Resources

  • Pod Challenges

  • Recommended Reading List

  • Accountability challenge board

Healthy Food

What To Expect

This is a chance to get your health and wellbeing back on track.

  • Increase your energy

  • Release weight

  • Feel Refreshed

  • Boost your motivation

  • Be Inspired to do the things you keep putting off

  • Love your body

  • Let go of the constant exhaustion

  • Let go of being fed up and frustrated

  • No more relying on quick fixes or wine to make you feel better


You will be part of a supportive and non-judgemental community.


You will gain a deeper loving understanding of your body.


You will leave the program feeling better about the choices you are making to improve your health.


I've been in your shoes and so have many of my clients.

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